THE ART OF SHANE MACGOWAN (The Pogues) RIFF ticketed Reception Nov. 14- Closing Dec. 11

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Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

The Art of Shane MacGowan, featuring an opening reception Sunday, November 14 at 9pm at Kingfisher, following a screening of Crock of Gold at the DeSoto at 6:30pm.

"Chaotic, neurotic, narcotic, erotic. Somewhere deep inside him there’s a tap with ‘art’ written on it and whenever he feels like it he opens it up and out pours a torrent of mercuric, violent, rude, sexy, blasphemous, bollock-naked and - would you believe it? - occasionally tender imagery. It’s the spit, snot and tears of art. Splattering onto the page in a psychic storm of lines and words. In the flexible art of Shane MacGowan, everything is possible! It happens on whatever is at hand. Sick bags on planes are a favourite canvas. I love how the red ones on a journey to Russia are re-used as handy communist sketch materials. And see how the Club World notepaper from his pricey Pogues record company flying days gets transformed with a few monstrous squiggles into a membership card for the Mile High Club! Cheeky! As a songwriter – one of the best, ever - Shane has always been a great storyteller. His music leads your emotions on a myriad journeys, from pain to laughs. His art does that, too. It keeps changing moods. One moment, it’s chaos. The next, it’s tenderness.” -Waldemar Januszczak

The Art Of Shane MacGowan exhibit will feature signed and unsigned prints from his new Art Book: "It's rare for a creative genius like Shane to have one avenue of output. Such an incendiary talent is likely to have a multitude of facilities whereby his talent might infiltrate the atmosphere and change the climate as know it. And so, revealed here, in the pages to follow, is Shane’s propensity for the wild, for the absurd, for the political, for the beautiful, all funnelled and threaded through the needle of his pen. But, this time, in this book, not via the tool of language. Instead, Shane’s visual acuity will take the lead. His visions will speak for themselves. Sometimes they will invoke wonder, sometimes they might appear decidedly threatening, but, regardless of medium, his work will always be full of poetry - a bit a like the great man, and my great friend, himself; the great artist, Shane MacGowan". -Johnny Depp