Abigail Stevenson & Faith Im: an artistic collaboration of abstract art, poetry, and live contemporary dance.

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Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

OPENING RECEPTION Sept. 14, 6pm-8pm. Performance Sept. 17, 8pm. Abigail Stevenson (visual artist) and Faith Im (solo dance artist) present an artistic collaboration, "In the Image of God." Audience and, or patrons will experience abstract art, poetry, and live contemporary dance. The presentation will last 40 minutes and guests are free to move about the gallery or sit as they take it all in. With this collaboration, the artists illuminate areas of faith questions that are not often talked about… "What is culturally and historically presented to us as "truth" and what is personal, dynamic, and practical relationship with God? Where is the line between truth and tradition? How, as women of faith, must we reconsider the narratives of the present masculine-hegemonic, atmosphere and inherited history? How can ritual and tradition comfort and inform the experience of those for whom it was not built for? While we cannot offer answers, we do offer exploration, empathy, and hope."