Dylon Ramsey, REBIRTH, through Aug. 26

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Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

Gallery Hours: Thursday- Saturday 2pm-5pm

Artist Reception: July 15, 4pm-6pm

Dylon Ramsey is a budding artist based in Atlanta, Georgia, who recently discovered his passion for the arts. Although he started making art not too long ago, Dylon has already created some impressive pieces that showcase his artistic flair and unique style.

Dylon's goal as an artist is to inspire others to create and express their individualism through art. He believes that everyone has something unique to offer and that art is one way to showcase that uniqueness. Through his art, Dylon hopes to inspire people to explore their creative sides and find their own voice.

Dylon's artwork is a combination of different mediums and techniques. He loves to experiment with different mediums, such as acrylic, oil and chalk pastels, spray paint, and mixed media, to create visually captivating pieces that convey a range of emotions and ideas. His art has been displayed at the Brooklyn Art Cave, Paint N Sit Gala, “We Been Here” Exhibition at Kingfisher Art Co. and the B.L.A.C. Gallery. (Black Love Art and Crypto)

Dylon's creative journey has been a remarkable one, filled with ups and downs, but he remains extremely grateful for his experiences. He believes that his art has given him a new perspective on life, allowing him to see the world in a different light and appreciate the beauty around him.

Although Dylon is still relatively new to the art scene, he is slowly gaining recognition for his work, and he is looking forward to sharing his art with the world. Whether through exhibitions or online, Dylon wants to inspire others to find their own creative path and pursue their passions.