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Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

If you didn't catch him at the Opening Reception, come and meet one of Pittsburgh's most loved artists, Bob Ziller, at the closing of his beautiful exhibit at Kingfisher, Saturday, April 16. It's your last chance to buy something from him while he is here in town! We will have complimentary snacks, and the gallery bar will be open. Bob Ziller’s artworks have appeared in galleries and museums throughout the U.S., including the Carnegie Museum of Art, Andy Warhol Museum, Chicago Cultural Center, Hunter Museum of American Art, Norton Museum of Art, Monterey Museum of Art, George Eastman House, Mattress Factory Museum, and Roberto Clemente Museum. His ArtOMat work (with Michael Saxman) has been at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the New Museum. Ziller is also a poet, & his works have been featured in magazines, on the radio, and in several anthologies, including The Great American Wiseass Book of Poetry. He has translated two books of poetry by the great African surrealist Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo of Madagascar, of which Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has praised: “These translations read beautifully.” Ziller also sings under the moniker Bingo Quixote, and makes music videos and films, including his first, shot at Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens. His exhibit coincides with an art residency at Paradise Garden, where he has been lending his creative skills on several restoration projects.

BOB ZILLER Opening Reception MARCH 5- Closing APRIL 16, 2022

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Kingfisher Art Co, 9 East 2nd Ave. 5&7, Rome

Bob Ziller has been an artist from an early age, drawing tattoos on classmates with magic marker while still in grammar school. Since doing the cover of his school newspaper when he was in second grade (at seven years old), he has gone on to exhibit his work in over 100 exhibitions throughout the US, including the Carnegie Museum of Art, Andy Warhol Museum, Chicago Cultural Center, Hunter Museum of American Art, Norton Museum of Art, Monterey Museum of Art, and the George Eastman House. His ArtOMat works (with Michael Saxman) have been at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the New Museum in NYC. Ziller is also a poet, his works have been featured in magazines, on the radio, and in several anthologies, including The Great American Wiseass Book of Poetry. He has translated two books of poetry y the great African surrealist Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo if Madagascar, of which Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has praised: “These translations read beautifully.” Ziller also sings under the moniker Bingo Quixote, and makes music videos and films, including his first, shot at Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens.

SIANA ALTIISE: a shared listening experience

Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

Siana is an artist, speaker and storyteller with a passion for re-introducing natural sounds as a way for listeners to find rest. She produces these experiences using her voice, ambient sound, and looping technology. Siana was born with an ability to experience sound in color, by way of a phenomena known as Synesthesia. This cross-wiring in the brain not only allows her to hear in color, but visualize emotions and personalities, while identifying emotions in figures and shapes. Though she refers to herself as a "Sensory Artist", her aim is to create space and time for listeners to relax, explore, and connect with themselves, in solitude, in community. Siana will be performing at Kingfisher Art Co. this Saturday, February 26, 6pm-8pm. This free event is generously sponsored by Rome Area Council for the Arts, Georgia Power, Farrell's Frame and Design, the International Muralist, and One Community United. Closest public parking is located next door behind the Harvest Moon Cafe 223 E 1st St., or at the Suntrust Bank located at 100 E 2nd Ave, along with downtown street parking. You can also call the Roman Chariot for a free ride from any downtown location to the gallery. TEXT for pickup: 706-413-2822.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH EXHIBIT Feb. 16- March 2, 2022, Closing Celebration Feb. 26, 6pm-8pm

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Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

From February 16- March 2, Kingfisher Art Co., will host an exhibition of works by Georgia based Black artists in celebration of Black History Month. The exhibit, curated by Amanda Banks, Xavier Ringer, and Rosemary Ringer, is titled “We Been Here”, and was made in collaboration with Black artists of diverse mediums who present perspectives on the existence of blackness, beauty, joy, gender, and power.

Featured artists include Amanda Banks, Xavier Ringer, Carrington Ware, Zachary James Francois, Dylon Ramsey, Kadesh Wyche, Bonita Martin, Ian Thacker, Yvonne McCoy, E.L. Chisolm, Sylvia L. Smith, Sherri Richards, Calvin Askew, Lois Cato King, and more.

“Seeking to challenge the idea that our presence is trendy or new, the Black History Month exhibit explores the idea that our work is vast, deserving and not homogenous. ‘We been here’ and our experience within Blackness is diverse, playful, political, deep and seeks child-like joy. We don’t always have to be saying something. We been here, we are here, we exist in all the glory, challenge and triumph, of the Black human experience” says curator and muralist Xavier Ringer.

With evening Art Receptions planned for February 16, 17, and the 26, Kingfisher Art Co. will host multiple opportunities to view the exhibit outside of regular gallery hours which are Thursday- Saturday 12-6pm and Wednesdays 5pm-8pm and by appointment. The gallery is located in downtown Rome, Ga at 7 E. 2nd Ave. There is downtown street parking, and there is public parking a block away behind Harvest Moon Café at 223 E 1st St. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Roman Chariot will pick up and drop off from any downtown location, by texting 706-413-2822.


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Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

Exhibit: January 8- February 12, 2022

About the artist:

After studying at Georgia State University and Berry College, Mitchell attended the University of Georgia, receiving a BFA in 1982. While there she developed a special interest in lithography, and she credits printmaking for spurring her feeling for layering images and materials. Mitchell went on to receive an MFA in painting from the University of Georgia in 1990, and an MFA in sculpture from Georgia State University in 1994. A collage class that Mitchell took near the end of graduate school became a real impetus in her developing a personal visual language. Collage allowed her to combine her impulse for image-making with her sculptural facility.

In 2000 Mitchell began creating large acrylic paintings that combined actual objects with painted illusion. This work culminated in a 8'x18' installation of over-lapping paintings, Embrace the Messy, exhibited in 2004. The show’s title embodies the artist’s intuitive approach that allows poetic meaning to emerge from the highly textural layering of painted and digital images with a variety of materials. Mitchell’s sculptural inclination was spurred after the birth of her son in 1995 and she began making animal figures using Play-Doh. In 2006 she started sewing fabric animals as well. The animal figures have been used as models for paintings and as photographic images collaged to the surface of pieces. The animals often express human emotions as they are combined with images of ephemeral beauty from nature. In 2006, she created Serio in Verse, which alternated paintings with sculptural fabric animals, and in 2007 Louis XIV: Too Much Will Never Be Enough. The latter is ruled by a fabric sculpture of Louis XIV as a horned animal avatar, flanked by fantastic paintings inspired by Mitchell’s European​ travels. In 2013, she completed Ra: The God of All Creatures and the Fabric of the Universe, and in 2014, Closet Monster installation.

Linda Mitchell has exhibited her paintings extensively with her solo exhibitions including those at Museum of Greater Lafayette (IN) (Scheduled for 2014), Piedmont Arts Association (VA), Danville Museum (VA), Creative Arts Guild (GA), MacNider Museum (IA), Valdosta State University (GA), Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center (VA), Peninsula Fine Arts Center (VA), Gallery One Twelve (GA), Radford University Museum (VA), Visual Arts Center of NW Florida, Mary G. Hardin Center for the Arts (AL), Spiva Center for the Arts (MO), Chastain Arts Center (GA), The Goddard Center (OK), Tinney & Cannon Contemporary (TN), Mason Murer Fine Art (GA) Macon & Co. (GA), Georgia State University, and Metropolitan Arts Council of Birmingham (AL). She lives and works in Atlanta, GA.


Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

Bradshaw released a new album in January of 2021 entitled Calico Jim, featuring "a musical work of Southern gothic that sprawls across North Georgia" (Glide Magazine). Bradshaw will be performing a special stripped down set, in a listening room environment, with advance purchased tickets starting at $10. Fresh off a recent Texas tour, Bradhsaw was born a nomad, traveling in his blood. He’s settled in Chatsworth, Georgia now, but spent his formative years in East Texas, up until he joined the military shortly after high school. A lot of aimless wandering ensued before he arrived home in Southern Appalachia. Bradshaw’s most recent record, Calico Jim, was released via Black Mountain Music, a small independent label out of Greensboro, NC, and recorded in Little Rock, AR, at Fellowship Hall Sound. “There is not a pretentious note or lyric uttered in this masterpiece of songwriting. This is a truly, indelible, unforgettable album." (Country Standard Time). After signing with Rounder Records in 2018, and putting out Sudden Opera, his debut record, he decided to part ways with the historic label.

Tickets can be purchased, and tables can be reserved, at through February 4. On the day of the show, tickets can be purchased online or at the door for $15. Kingfisher Art Co. is located at 7 E. 2nd Ave, with public parking located close by behind Harvest Moon or at the Suntrust Bank. The Roman Chariot will also be running and can pick up or drop off from any downtown location. For more on Pony Bradshaw visit

$10 adv/ $15 day of


Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

"Chris Acker is one of America’s great translators of absurd mundanity. Often said to be a torch carrier for the legacy of the late John Prine, Acker possesses both the bravado of a backroads sing-a-long emcee and the fashion of a Goodwill rack hound who’s just happy to be here. But he’s as much a descendent of poet Frank O’Hara as he is of Prine, fusing the unavoidable humor of human existence with the vernaculars of assorted lands he’s had the privilege of thumbing around, showcasing the trades he picked up from stays in cities he hasn’t thought about since leaving them. “I love the conversation between New Orleans music and Western Louisiana music and Zydeco and Cajun and R&B. Cajun people even started making swamp pop music, which is a style of 1950s R&B that I fucking adore,” Acker says. “One of my favourite parts about folk music is, you can track its development through economic and migration patterns.”

And that migration has always been on Acker’s radar. Before he was sleeping in Montana motel bathtubs under purple moons, recording YouTube duets in Langhorne Slim’s living room, and serving as the Yin to Nick Shoulders’ Yang, Acker was in college in Bellingham, Washington getting exposed to Sam Doores and The Tumbleweeds for the first time. The subsequent rabbit hole he went down culminated in how Bayou favorites Hurray For the Riff Raff wouldn’t exist without Cast King’s blues-soaked outlaw catalog from Mississippi Records in Portland. “I think it acknowledges the fluidity of American music, in the ways that certain things influence each other,” Acker adds.

He spent his teen years drunk on his father’s love for the folk revivalist era. His passion for writing was then augmented by his high school English teacher, who dedicated class periods to dissecting every word of Bob Dylan’s 'A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall'. “I just felt such a strong kinship to this guy,” Acker adds. “He didn’t just teach me guitar; he also turned me on to the stuff of Mississippi John Hurt and Billy Joe Shaver.” But Acker’s influences bend back as far as early childhood. His dad grew up in Chicago just after Prine had come to the city and got famous. “He really adored that,” Acker says. “My earliest memory of music is listening to [Prine] on a long family road trip to Idaho for Christmas.” Then came a period of brick and mortar for Acker: Getting stoked on Dylan’s 'Boots Of Spanish Leather', thinking his life would never be the same, and forming bands with dudes who shared that same naive, youthful admiration and excitement. " - Matt Mitchell For more:

$10 advance/ $15 day of (available at the door)

ROME FOR THE HOLIDAYS Opening Reception Dec. 15, Closing Dec. 23

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Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

A special holiday art exhibit featuring artists who will be home (in Rome) for the holidays! A perfect time to pick up last minute gifts and support our local artists! The exhibit will feature oil paintings, folk art, assemblage, crafts, and more! Artists include Jim Shores, Scott Thomas, Karen Schuttinga, Russell Cook, Donnie Davis, James Barron, Dennis Ritter, and Grace Tessein.


Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

Join us for a special evening of music with Leah Calvert and Michael Smith (the Dappled Grays), and for the closing of the Shane MacGowan (the Pogues) art exhibit from Ireland. $10 adv, $15 at the door, all ages welcome. "Two instruments, two voices, beautiful songs and captivating harmonies. As the lead writers and voices of the popular bluegrass band, the Dappled Grays, Leah and Michael share a long musical history. They used the downtime of the pandemic to write an entire new catalog of music and launched their new project, Smith & Calvert. Their 12 episode Video Podcast "About a Song" is out now. Michael has played with Sugarland, John McEuen (of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), the legendary bluegrass fiddler Bobby Hicks, and for 10 years, shared the stage with Lauren Morrow as a member of the Whiskey Gentry. Leah is a first call Atlanta fiddler/violinist and singer. Apart from releasing her own music, she currently plays and records with John Driscoll Hopkins (of the Zac Brown Band) and has recorded extensively with Kristian Bush (of Sugarland)." Kingfisher Art Co. will provide tables and chairs available on a first come first serve basis, and complimentary snacks & beverages, or you can utilize the full bar and pick up dinner from BISTRO 208 next door (their back door is adjacent to the Kingfisher back door)! There is plenty of parking at the Suntrust Bank, just a block away, located at 100 E 2nd Ave, Rome, GA. Or behind the Harvest Moon. Kingfisher is located off Broad Street, on E 2nd Ave, in the yellow West Lofts building in downtown Rome, GA.

$10 adv, $15 day of

THE ART OF SHANE MACGOWAN (The Pogues) RIFF ticketed Reception Nov. 14- Closing Dec. 11

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Kingfisher Art Co., 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

The Art of Shane MacGowan, featuring an opening reception Sunday, November 14 at 9pm at Kingfisher, following a screening of Crock of Gold at the DeSoto at 6:30pm.

"Chaotic, neurotic, narcotic, erotic. Somewhere deep inside him there’s a tap with ‘art’ written on it and whenever he feels like it he opens it up and out pours a torrent of mercuric, violent, rude, sexy, blasphemous, bollock-naked and - would you believe it? - occasionally tender imagery. It’s the spit, snot and tears of art. Splattering onto the page in a psychic storm of lines and words. In the flexible art of Shane MacGowan, everything is possible! It happens on whatever is at hand. Sick bags on planes are a favourite canvas. I love how the red ones on a journey to Russia are re-used as handy communist sketch materials. And see how the Club World notepaper from his pricey Pogues record company flying days gets transformed with a few monstrous squiggles into a membership card for the Mile High Club! Cheeky! As a songwriter – one of the best, ever - Shane has always been a great storyteller. His music leads your emotions on a myriad journeys, from pain to laughs. His art does that, too. It keeps changing moods. One moment, it’s chaos. The next, it’s tenderness.” -Waldemar Januszczak

The Art Of Shane MacGowan exhibit will feature signed and unsigned prints from his new Art Book: "It's rare for a creative genius like Shane to have one avenue of output. Such an incendiary talent is likely to have a multitude of facilities whereby his talent might infiltrate the atmosphere and change the climate as know it. And so, revealed here, in the pages to follow, is Shane’s propensity for the wild, for the absurd, for the political, for the beautiful, all funnelled and threaded through the needle of his pen. But, this time, in this book, not via the tool of language. Instead, Shane’s visual acuity will take the lead. His visions will speak for themselves. Sometimes they will invoke wonder, sometimes they might appear decidedly threatening, but, regardless of medium, his work will always be full of poetry - a bit a like the great man, and my great friend, himself; the great artist, Shane MacGowan". -Johnny Depp

IGNACIO MICHAUD Opening Reception NOV. 6- Closing DEC. 23

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Kingfisher Art Co, 7 East 2nd Ave., Rome

Opening Reception for the Ignacio Michaud Exhibit Saturday November 6, 5pm-7pm. EXHIBIT: Nov. 6- Dec. 23, 2021

Ignacio Michaud (Chilean, b 1979) is a contemporary painter. He received his BFA from Universidad Católica de Chile. His work has been exhibited in multiple group exhibitions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Brooklyn, and Atlanta among other cities. He lives and works in Atlanta, GA. Ignacio’s current work began when impulse-driven sketches became his way to express his experiences in a new country. With the everyday demands of a day job, he was suddenly exposed to the lives of a large and diverse immigrant community. In the last 16 years he’s produced hundreds of these sketches and used them as the structural framework for his paintings. Rigorously following an intuitive method, he describes being drawn to raw perceptions and associations. His project is built on the premise that our experiences can be reduced to bits of information and that a method that relies on quick and spontaneous decisions, when contained, can bring forth greater narrative precision.

Ignacio Michaud is represented by Sandler Hudson Gallery in Atlanta, GA.