DATES: Tuesdays in May 2023 (sign up for as many or for as few classes as you'd like, each class will be different.)

MEETS: 7pm-9pm 

INSTRUCTOR: Russell Cook (Associate Professor of Art at Georgia Highlands College 

These classes will cover the fundamentals of oil painting. We will focus on exploration of traditional and contemporary techniques, with emphasis on materials, design and composition principles. Students must supply their own oil paints, canvas, and brushes. (Canvases can be purchased at the gallery as well, just let us know so we can reserve one for you.)

Learn basic and advanced oil painting techniques. This class is designed for students of all levels. There will be a still life set up for every class. Or you can work from a printed photo, bring in an unfinished painting, a sketch, or a personal object. We will discuss your goals and what your subject matter will be during the first class. Special attention will be provided to students that are new to oil painting. Students with experience will learn how to take their painting skills to the next level. Each student will work at their own pace. The instructor will provide helpful suggestions about technique, materials, and answer questions along the way. 

You will: 

learn how to use oil paints and mediums 
how to create good composition 
enhance depth and contrast with the use of color 
learn how to interpret what you see 
mix colors effectively 

Realism, impressionism, and abstract ideas are welcome. You will become more confident with oil paints and your capabilities. This is a class for artistic freedom. The instructor will also give advice on how to become inspired and become a more productive painter. This class will be a fun and relaxed atmosphere for student to enhance their creativity and express themselves through oil painting. Bring your reference and painting materials with you. 

Supply list:  (Most of these supplies can be purchased at a Michaels, or at dickblick.com.) 

Odorless Mineral spirits https://www.homedepot.com/p/Klean-Strip-1-qt-Odorless-Mineral-Spirits-QKSP945/312909680  
Glass jar with lid for thinner 
Paper towels 
Pallet knife: https://www.michaels.com/painting-knife-by-artists-loft/10192195.html 
Pallet or freezer paper 
Filbert or flat sizes 4,8,10 
Detail brushes(small round soft hair) 
Soft hair and bristle 
Gamblin or Windsor Newton 0il paint 
Cadmium yellow light 
Cadmium red light (should look like a red orange) 
Cadmium orange 
Ultramarine blue 
Pthalo blue 
Titanium white 
Mars black 
Pencil, paper eraser. 
Canvas 11×14 (or similar size): https://www.michaels.com/7-pack-11in-by-14in-super-value-canvas-by-artists-loft-necessities/10131569.html 
Tool box, painters box, or tacklebox for your materials 
Old clothes, coveralls, smock, or apron

REGISTER HERE:     https://square.link/u/t2OzfHSD

Private Lessons

Oil Painting, Acrylic, Collage, Drawing

Taught by Georgia Highlands Art Associate Professor, Russell Cook

$50 per hour.

Email kingfisherartco@gmail.com